Sixth Generation

1360. Opal Faye WADDELL was born on 23 September 1906 in Mt. Ayr, Ringgold, Iowa. She died on 27 December 1980 at the age of 74 in Creston, Union, Iowa. She was buried about 30 December 1980 in Kellerton, , Iowa.

Opal Faye WADDELL and Glen Ernest KELLER were married on 5 September 1922 in Mt. Ayr, Ringgold, Iowa. Glen Ernest KELLER was born on 31 December 1902. He died on 20 April 1959 at the age of 56.

Opal Faye WADDELL-5354 and Glen Ernest KELLER-5355 had the following children:



Marvin KELLER-5375.



Donald KELLER-5377.



Jean KELLER-5379.



Doris KELLER-5381.



Maxine KELLER-5383.



Lila KELLER-5385.

Opal Faye WADDELL and Lawrence BAYMAN were married on 23 September 1966. Lawrence BAYMAN, son of Oren Ralph BAYMAN and Lena May SCOTT, was born on 17 September 1911 in , Adair, Iowa. He died on 23 March 1992 at the age of 80 in Creston, Union, Iowa. He was buried about 26 March 1992 in Kellerton, , Iowa.