Second Generation

7. Edward Dillon VANDAL was born about 1797 in Vandal's Mnt., Greenbrier, Virginia. He died on 25 September 1867 at the age of 70 in , Shelby, Indiana.

Edward Dillon VANDAL and Mary "Polly" DAVIS were married on 12 September 1823 in , Greenbrier, Virginia. Mary "Polly" DAVIS, daughter of Samuel DAVIS and Jane COOK, was born about 1806.

Edward Dillon VANDAL-826 and Mary "Polly" DAVIS-854 had the following children:



Henry A. VANDAL-1624.



Fernando Cortes VANDALL-1623.



Mary E. VANDAL-1980.

Edward Dillon VANDAL and Sarah SCOTT were married on 15 November 1849 in Henry, Indiana. Sarah SCOTT was born about 1804 in , , Pennsylvania.

Edward Dillon VANDAL-826 and Sarah SCOTT-1132 had the following children:



Octavia Elvira VANDAL-2424.



Martha Ann VANDAL-3299.



Caroline Josephine VANDAL-6711.

Catherine DALRYMPLE (private).