On Line Genealogy Links for Research

    A great deal of research can be done on line without ever having to travel the country, visit cemeteries or comb through volumns of books in libraries. One of the best home pages is one put together by Cyndi Howells called:
"Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet". She has located 26,700 web pages on genealogy and shows them all as links from her site. They are broken down into over 70 categories such as specific states and countries, cemeteries, libraries, magazines, personal home pages such as this one, etc. Then, within these categories, you can request a search on a specific name. It is an unbelieveable resource so please give it a try.
    Another outstanding resource is the popular site "Roots Computing". It can help in tracing your roots on the internet. Many links are shown and instructions are given on how to access Dick Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter. Mr Eastman is also heavily involved with Compuserve's "Genealogy Forum", the premier source of online genealogy assistance.
    "WVGenWeb"  is an association of individuals interested in preserving and freely sharing all types of genealogical and historical records within and about the state of West Virginia. WVGenWeb provides a central location for this information by means of computer networking via the internet. Within this site are links to each of the many counties, including our own Fayette county.
     "Family Search" is a site maintained by the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints.  The LDS church has the largest data base of genealogical history in the world and it is now searchable on the web.  This is an outstanding source of information.

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